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We just gave our blog a little face-lift. If you haven’t given it a look recently, go check it out here: We are doing little posts for most shows we play. If you have any pictures/videos from shows that are not posted, go to our submit page, and send it in! Not to mention our Ask box is open! Send us some questions to answer and post! We love doing that!

Also, if you haven’t checked out our YouTube page, give it a look as well and subscribe. We are becoming more active on there.

We love you guys!

Tennessee A/G Youth Convention @ Mt. Zion Baptist Church (November 18th-19th, 2011)

This was an amazing weekend. It was kind of a dream come true for us, too. We have attended this same convention throughout middle school and high school and always dreamed of playing or leading worship at this convention. We got to play a concert in the 2009 one, and this time around we led worship throughout the event. Our lives were touched, as well as the kids’. God did some amazing things at this event.

Rocketown - Nashville, TN (October 21st, 2011)

We had a blast at this one! Met some awesome people and bands and partook in some great conversations and hangouts! It was such a good time!


  • Won’t Back Down
  • Let Myself Go
  • Pretenders (new song)
  • Take The World, But Give Me Jesus (hymn cover)
  • Can’t Save Yourself

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Picture credits: Tiphanie Poss, Liz Barnett, and Jessica Massey.

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