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A Message From Ben

As we announced on Sunday, Ben has left Skyhook to pursue college. Here is a message he wants the [SKHK} fans to read: 

Hey guys, Ben here,

Thanks everyone for your comments, likes, and concerns. It definitely was a surprise to me as much as it was to the boys. God’s plan doesn’t account to what seems right to us, but what He sets before us and what we plan to do with it. In this case I am focusing on college.

But that aside, these boys, my brothers, deserve all the support that you guys can give them. I’ve been with them since the beginning and let me tell you, these guys are incredible. Their hearts are filled with passion for others and their music. Like they said, they’re moving forward with many things ahead of them. Many opportunities to be had. I am excited to see the new stage in which Skyhook adventures in.

I may not be in the band anymore, but that doesn’t diminish my passion and belief that Skyhook can and will do amazing things, not fully on terms of earthly success but for capabilities that God has for them. So at the end of this long post, I encourage you to keep Skyhook in your prayers, love them, encourage them, bless them. They are walking in the path that God has set before them at this moment. 

So go out there Skyhook, “burn out the blackness, and raise the stars”

Asian, out [SKHK]

Dear Skyhook fans,

Benjamin Miller, our keyboardist, has decided to finish his journey with Skyhook, and move on towards the path of obtaining a college education. Ben has been with Skyhook since day one, and when he broke the news of his departure with us, it was a bit of a surprise, and we were sad to see him go. We are happy for him, though, as he is working hard and excelling at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville. He will still be leading worship with us at our home church, Life Assembly. Ben has been, and will always be one of our brothers, and we pray that God blesses this next phase of his journey.

With that being said, we are moving forward, and molding our identity as a five-piece band. We have been writing new material, and prepping for the next phase of Skyhook. It’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve done before.

Thank you for your unending support you’ve shown to us over the years. Let’s make the end of this year, and 2013 something special.

Truth & Life - A Reflection by SKHK’s Andrew Gomez.

Just got back from a great night at Destiny Church in Columbia, TN. I got a little teary-eyed when we started playing “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus”. 

Let me explain: 

The name, Mackenzie Taylor Turner, pops into my head every time we play that song. That 14-year-old girl came with Destiny Church’s youth group to a Skyhook show in Memphis back in July 2011, and she rededicated her life to Christ as we played that song (“Take The World”). Little did anyone know, that would be one of the final chances she had to mend her relationship with God. Hours later, one of Destiny Church’s vans flipped on the way back from that show/lock-in, and her life was taken immediately.

It’s moments like tonight, on the stage, that my mind reflects on how fragile our lives are, and how we, as Christians, need to take every chance we have to speak Truth and Life into people’s lives. You don’t need a guitar or a rockin’ band to do that, you just need a opportunity. Every show/event/conference/convention/service/etc that Skyhook plays, we see as an opportunity. Not just to reach out and pour our God-given talents into people’s lives, but to see change happen. 

During the worship set tonight, Dane told the audience, “Come into moments like this expecting change.” It’s hard to come away from a true encounter with God without the evidence of change. Not necessarily a drastic outward change, but maybe a cleansing of heart, or a peace of mind. 

412 days since Mackenzie’s passing, I am thankful for, and reflect on her openness to change when the opportunity was presented. It is something that I will never forget.


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